Israel's Arabic Problem Solved

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Israel is an unfortunate perpetual recipient of the world's unconcealed contempt.

Which is a pity. Many who visit Israel come away impressed that a small group of Jews have done so much with so little, so quickly. It is indeed a wonderful country.

No matter; everyone and his aunt has a problem with just about everything that Israel does particularly in matters regarding the Arab territories. Whatever the action, Israel is damned if does or damned if it doesn't.

It's time that Israel understood this and acted accordingly.

There is a rather simple answer to the West bank, Palestinian, Gaza issue. I could wax on poetically and drop you into it gradually with clever argument and justification but why? It is what it is; like it or not.

The plan comprises of a four-step process that works in Israel's favor and may even silence the critics. It may, if timed correctly, be implemented and finalized within a year.

No, no, I'm not suggesting that the Israeli's do to the Arabs what the Arabs have promised to do to the Israelis (given the opportunity) and kill all of them. Heaven forbid. This solution is far more civilized and mutually beneficial. Here goes.

First, the Golan Heights, the mountainous region that Syria used prior to the 1967 6-day war to bombard Israeli farms, is now a permanent part of Israel. Syria lost it during the 6 day war. Make it official and take the very concept of discussing it off the table permanently. It's as likely to be returned to Syria as Texas is to Mexico.

Second, Gaza should be given as a gift to Egypt. Egypt will of course receive some benefits to sweeten the deal from Israel that will ensure its successful and speedy transition. In effect all Egypt will have to do is open its own border with Gaza which is tightly shut at present. Gaza then becomes an Arab problem that can be successfully dealt with by Arabs. Case closed; for Israel at least.

Third, the West Bank will not longer exist. All Arabs who live there will be amicably - or forcibly - resettled into Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and beyond. Perhaps those countries who have been so quick in their criticism of Israel's past handling of Arabic policies will now step to the plate and welcome Arabs into their countries with open arms.

There is an upside for all involved. The receiving countries will receive a gift that will make it worth their while to accept their brother Arabs. Those relocating will receive hugely generous compensation for their land and property but make no bones about it the West Bank will be no more. Some may call this ethnic cleansing and perhaps it is, although real ethnic cleansing doesn't involve compensating the victims. No matter, that land will now officially become what it always been; a part of Israel.

Finally, Jerusalem will become the internationally recognized capital of Israel, if that's what Israel chooses. Any visiting religious or cultural groups will do so at Israel's pleasure just as they would in visiting any other country's places of interest such as the Vatican or Mecca.

There you have it; problem solved; a win-win for everybody.

I wonder if, like Bono, I now qualify for nomination for a Nobel Prize.

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Israel's Arabic Problem Solved

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This article was published on 2010/04/03