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Israel has population over 7 million with 365.3/km2. The modern State of Israel traces its historical and religious roots to the Biblical Land of Israel, also known as Zion, a concept central to Judaism since ancient times.

Located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, and despite its small size, Israel is home to a variety of geographic features. With geographically variety, you have widely temperature in Israel, mountainous regions can be windy, cold and sometime snowy.  Coastal regions have Mediterranean climate with cool, rainy winters and hot summers. With scarce water resource, Israel has various water saving systems.

Israel has many good beaches located at Mediterranean Sea. Some beaches are famous and preferred by many people around the world.

Herzliya Beaches: the beaches are well taken care and clean. All Herzliya beach are well clean, no matter at which sea beach you enjoy they are all claen. You need to pay little fees and it is worth.

Caesarea Aqueduct Beach: This is a great romantic and historical beach. The aqueduct – a bridge like conduit for water – was built by the Romans some 2,000 years ago! This beach is not crowded most of the time and bathing is fun and safe as there is a sort of a natural pool created by rocks in the sea.

Michmoret Beach: It is not far from Caesarea. It has calm water levels very safe, The Med Sea is the same sea for all these towns and beaches so if you plan to come for a short visit try at least one of the above.

The Dolphin Reef Beach: The Dolphins that frequent the beach add to the ambience of it all and the bar and cafeterias are very convenient.

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve: it is one of world's diving spot. For snorkeling, scuba lover you have perfect this one. The marine life, coral reefs are spectacular.

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Top Israel Beaches

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This article was published on 2010/09/25