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The purpose

The central mission and goal of any ulpan in Israel is to help the students to master Hebrew language in all respects. In addition to being able to converse and speak in Hebrew, the student should also know how to write and read the language. However, these are the aspects covered in the very basic ulpan here.

If you want to go a step further and learn about the culture, history and geography of Israel then you need to opt for the advanced ulpan in Israel. There are various ulpan in Jerusalem, which teach about the culture and historical significance of Jerusalem. Whether you are an immigrant, tourist or a new citizen in Israel, you can easily leverage the ulpan in Israel to understand the unique lifestyle and culture of Israel.

Modernized versions

There are thousands of ulpan in Israel mushrooming by the day. These courses teach students how to master the Hebrew language easily. Everyday, private institutions claiming to conduct ulpan flourish. However, you should always opt for a government or state run institution.

This ensure more reputation and credibility of the course. There are various ulpan in Israel conducted by kibbutzim, Jewish agencies as well as municipalities and universities. If you are a Jew by birth and returning to the Holy Land as described in the Law of Return, you can get ulpan in Jerusalem free. Both video and audio formats are used for teaching ulpan in Israel and using both methods is useful to master Hebrew completely. The ulpan conducted by kibbutzim lasts for 5 months and you will need to work part-time during this tenure. If you are an immigrant or a tourist then you can study ulpan from the kibbutzim in this manner.

eCourses online

One of the best and easiest methods to leverage benefits of ulpan is online. There are literally thousands of ulpan in Israel conducted online. You can leverage both the synchronized as well as unsynchronized versions of the ulpan. Various institutions offering e-courses in ulpan in Jerusalem also have distance learning modules. Thus, if you are geographically located in another country or city you can still leverage such ulpan.

While conventional ulpan in Israel have failed to expedite the learning process for students, online ulpan have managed to accomplish this successfully. Various combinations of video, audio and e-books help students to easily master Hebrew in accelerated timeframes. An iterative process of revisions and recaps are used to help the student recollect whatever was learnt during the ulpan in Israel. These online ulpan also conduct cultural tours of Israel, whereby students get to interact and converse with native Israel people. In this manner of teaching ulpan in Israel, students pick up unique mannerisms intrinsic to the people of Israel.

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Ulpan in Israel

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This article was published on 2010/03/27